Australian hotel owner in Pattaya goes to media after “malicious” hotel reviews

An Australian hotel owner here in Pattaya has gone to both the police and the media after losing customers due to what he called a “malicious post” from a guest talking about their stay.

The man in question stayed at the Pattaya Holiday Lodge on October 27, booking using a Lebanese name.

The man allegedly checked out the next day and posted adverse comments on both Agoda and Trip Advisor regarding his night at the property.

The owner has since stated that since the posts many customers have cancelled their bookings.

It was reported that after a conversation between the hotels owner Alexander Katz and the manageress Suohaoirn Sae-ung, 44, and Manager at their premises on Third road that the customer in question claimed he was made to wait hours when in reality it was only a matter of minutes.

They said that officers in Pattaya had advised them to collect evidence and file a report to press charges against the guest on the grounds of malicious posting.

The hotel advertises online offering accommodation from 500 to 1,200 baht a night.

Source: Thai visa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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