Authorities round up Soi dogs in Jomtien Beach area

Officials here in Pattaya with the aid of local veterinarians rounded stray dogs around the Jomtien Beach area and also provided them with rabies shots.

The operation was carried out on March 20 where vets and police said they were able to round up “a good number” of Soi dogs in the area for vaccinations after recent rabies worries made headlines here in the kingdom.

Pattaya in general has a high concentration of stray dogs also known as Soi dogs, however Jomtien is said to have the highest concentration due to many local residents feeding them.

After recent complaints from tourists an operation to round up the strays was carried out.

Officials said they will continue efforts to round up and vaccinate strays all across the city in the interest of public safety.

Source : Pattayamail

Content : LovePattayaThailand


  1. It is a great shame when theses animals are not given luminous collars to help cut down on the amount of road accident’s which can only be beneficial to the dogs and motorist’s safety.


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