Baht Bus Stops A Waste Of Time And Money

Sophon Cable TV let rip with a report featuring the failure to improve on Pattaya’s baht bus services, where they blame more or less everyone involved.

They state that baht bus operators, tourists and locals all refuse to adhere to the rules, which are designed to improve safety and services of the baht baht buses that operate on the city’s roads.

Others are far from happy when it comes to the new stops introduced, claiming they are in the wrong places, following the introduction of 200 painted bus stops across the city. The idea was to encourage people to get on and off buses at designated stops only but it appears the move has failed as buses pick up and drop off wherever the customer requests.

Baht Bus Stops A Waste Of Time And Money

The idea was to address not only safety but improve traffic flow across the city but the project has had little success.

The authorities delivered the new stops at the request of the government but no one is paying any attention. If you want to get on the bus, simply stick your hand out and the driver will almost certainly stop, even if there is no space available in the bus.

When you want to get off, ring the bell and again, most buses will simply pull over and collect your fare upon leaving.

Baht Bus Stops A Waste Of Time And Money

Locals says the buses are not stopping where the people need them, such as outside markets and busy shops.

Another problem as far as traffic flow is concerned is the amount of tourist buses parked on busy roads, taking over a complete lane. Many roads are reduced to a single lane in rush hour traffic, bringing traffic to a standstill. People are suggesting that designating coach parks be provided, especially since the parking restrictions were introduced at Bali Hai Pier.

We have to agree 100% with that one.

Source: Sophon Cable

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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