Baht busses back in Soi Buakhao!

More official routes have been added to Pattaya’s Baht bus system which now includes Soi Buakhao though it appears many of the drivers still make up their own routes looking to serve the more lucrative areas of the city.

The National council for Peace and Order met with the local Baht Bus Cooperative, soldiers, government officials and business owners on June 12th to discuss how the army’s attempt to impose order on the baht bus system was progressing.

Baht busses back in Soi Buakhao!

Officials stated that the four new routes servicing the city which were added earlier in the year were working well, however drivers were still deviating from the routes in search of more fares in spots like Soi Buakao where the army had attempted to ban the baht buses, but realising this was not going to happen have decided to add Soi Buakhoa to the South Pattaya-Dolphin Roundabout-Naklua route.

What do you think should the routes be more strictly governed?

Source : Thaivisa

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