Official say Bali Hai North Road will have its cables buried next

With only six more weeks of work on the project to bury cables along Central Road Pattaya officials have turned their attention to their next project.

Work has begun touring the utility cables at Bali Hai Pier along North Road.

The project being carried out by the Provincial Electricity Authority which is moving power, television, phone lines and internet cables below ground along Central Road is slated to be complete by the end of October and is part of a large scale project for Pattaya.

Official say Bali Hai North Road will have its cables buried next

The next stage of the project has already begun at Bali Hai were roads had already been dug up as part of the renovation project and the work there to submerge the utilities is expected to be complete by October 10.

Pattaya city councilman Sriviset Rodarun announced at a meeting on September 11 that the next mayor project will be North Road where work will begin at the highest point of tourism season.

The North Road project is estimated to cost 157-million-baht will run all the way to the famous dolphin roundabout.

Source : Pattayamail

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