Following reports that passengers were forced to stay ashore or fell on the unstable, slippery docks, Pattaya City Hall launched a wheelchair service to assist them.

A new wheelchair facility has been launched at Bali Hai Pier following complaints that elderly and disabled people could not use the new floating docks.

The platforms are said to be unstable and slippery, meaning that many who are wheelchair bound or infirm on their feet, could not board the boats to take them to Koh Larn.

So Pattaya City Hall responded with a new service, which commenced on March 7th, 2017.

Pattaya’s top business advocate criticized the floating docks being used for speedboat passengers at Bali Hai Pier, calling for immediate safety improvements to stop the injuries from accidents occurring there daily.

There are now two wheelchairs, medics, volunteer workers and city officers, all in place to ensure that those who are disabled or unsteady on their feet, have the necessary assistance when boarding boats.

Reports of daily falls or incidents on the new pontoons have forced the authorities to act.

This is wonderful news for many visitors to Pattaya, who wish to visit the beautiful island of Koh Larn or take a boat trip around Pattaya Bay.

Have you been affected by problems at the pontoons? Or maybe you have made use of the new service available. Let us know about your experiences.


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