Beach cleanup complete now new rules for vendors go into effect

The six week project to clean up Pattaya beaches came to an end this week as more than 500 people collected rubbish and other debris from the final section at Dongtan Beach

Heavy machinery was used to flip over the sand revealing any debris before being smoothed flat.

Vendors had been prohibited from using the beaches in Pattaya and Jomtien on Wednesday and Thursdays during the six week project.

Beach cleanup complete now new rules for vendors go into effect

Now the project has been complete they are allowed to return on Thursdays but now must adhere to a new set of rules.

They will now be only allowed one 63-sq-metre pitch on the sand as opposed to be being able to operate multiple 49-sq-meter pitches before.

All vendors will have to participate in a yearly draw to determine their pitches location for that year in an effort to end the monopoly “influential” families had over the beach enterprise.

Also in an attempt to keep the beaches looking tidy they will only be allowed to put chairs out when a customer requests one.

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Source : Pattayamail

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