It was reported by local media that rescue foundation medics were called to the scene of an accident involving the rider of a “big-bike” who had crashed into the back of a Toyota Fortuna outside of Big C in central Pattaya.

The Toyota driven by Manish Jalhotra, 38, had reportedly been stationary waiting at traffic lights when the big-bike ploughed into the back of him at high speed.

The currently unidentified foreigner who was riding a Honda CBR 650 was said to be between the ages of 25-30 and sustained a broken leg and other injuries as a result of the crash, the force of which was reported to be enough to move the stationary Fortuna to the side of the road.

Big Bike Slams Into The Back Of SUV At Pattaya Traffic Lights

Sanook reported that the foreigner was very intoxicated and barley coherent while he was being attended to by medics but he did manage to say “who’s going to pay my hospital bills?” “I have no money, take me home.” “Don’t take me to hospital.”

Many comments online condemned the man’s actions for drink driving stating he not only endangered his own life but the lives of others. 


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