Love Pattaya reported a fire in Walking Street earlier today and as promised, here is the latest we have on the disaster.

The cause of the fire which occurred around 08:30 on Wednesday March 15th, 2017, is believed to have been caused by an exploding transformer box.


As fire services arrived the building was already ablaze. Back up fire engines were duly called for as they fought to contain the fire from spreading too other buildings.

The firefighters were out in force, containing the fire within 30 minutes of arriving at the scene, with five fire engines attending the scene.

Although there appears to have been no casualties, the Blue Sky Bar was completely destroyed in the inferno.

fire walking street
The smoke was visable from boats around Pattaya City

One witness, a domestic worker at the Blue Sky Bar, told police she heard a loud bang as she went about her cleaning duties. Upon investigation, she discovered a fire had commenced at a nearby electricity pole, which in turn spread to the bar.

She called the emergency services immediately but there was little they could do to save the building.

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