An Australian tourist got stabbed in the stomach on last Thursday night. 21 year old Jaydon Sienkiewicz was partying with his father and stepmother in Mixx Night Club. Jaydon, in CCTV footage, can be seen groping a woman’s back who was leaning against her boyfriend inside the lounge.

The footage shows clearly that the boyfriend notices Jaydon’s actions and tries to grab him immediately. The offender’s girlfriend tried to stop but she was pushed aside by the offender. He then took out a short knife and stabbed Jaydon in the stomach. Though three other men tried to get in and stop the offender but before that Jaydon was stabbed already.

Jaydon started bleeding from the wound. He was immediately taken to Pattaya City Hospital for treatment. He suffered severe loss of blood and organ damage. According to the medical personnel he is out of danger now. According to Sun’s report Jaydon has been given 5000 Baht for his medical expenses in spite of groping another woman.

The authority, using the CCTV footage, has started searching for the offenders. It is being considered that the offender might be a foreigner who might have fled the country that Thursday only. “We captured the scene before the incident,” said Police Lieutenant Sombat Kaewmumpung, Deputy Police Inspector of Pattaya City Police. “The injured man was drinking at the pub table the touched the woman’s bottom. It caused the offender to bring a knife out”, he added.

Police now has released an unnamed warrant to look for the offender. Jaydon’s mother stated to the media that she has no clue why anyone will want to hurt her stepson.

Source : Nextshark

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