Brave Boy Runs For Help To Save Mum From Assault

A brave six-year-old boy saved his mother by running for help, when she was attacked as they arrived back from a shopping trip.

The woman, who is 36, parked her car at her house in Samet, Chonburi, when a heavily tattooed man suddenly opened the driver’s door. He tore at her clothes and began molesting her.

Her son, bolted out the passenger side and ran to alert neighbours as to what was happening to his mum.

Meanwhile the would be rapist, tried to kiss the woman but she bit down hard on his lip, causing him severe pain. He managed to remove her underwear but before he could continue the assault, two men pulled him off the woman. The assailant, however managed to escape.

Brave Boy Runs For Help To Save Mum From Assault

Police found the suspect shortly afterwards. He was bleeding from his mouth. They said he was high on drugs when they arrested him.

Thanks to the quick thinking of her son, her unpleasant ordeal was short lived and she sustained no serious injuries. Had it not been for the boy

Source : Thaivisa

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