Brave Taxi Drive Apprehends Thief In Pattaya

A thief, who stole a British tourist’s mobile phone was apprehended by a Pattaya motorbike taxi driver.

The incident and subsequent citizens arrest, occurred outside Central Beach Mall in the city on Tuesday.

Korawit Sunanta from Chiang Mai admitted stealing the phone. He acted as the motorbike getaway driver as his accomplice, Bancha Yotyingyong, 30, picked the tourist’s pocket. The latter is still on the run but is expected to be arrested soon.

Brave Taxi Drive Apprehends Thief In Pattaya

The victim was Peter Dickinson, a 68-year-old tourist.

It is unclear how the taxi driver got involved but it appears he grabbed one of the thieves, restraining him till police arrived.

The brave and conscientious driver Seksan Lormkan, 25, was presented with a reward at Pattaya police station by chief Apichai Krobpetch.

Well done that man.

Source : Thaivisa

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