dog dinner

Canine Cuisine For Cambodian Workforce

Dog lovers in Pattaya are up in arms following the discovery that construction workers from Cambodia were catching dogs and eating them for dinner!

Locals notified the police, who duly arrived to investigate but so far, no arrests have been made. dog dinner

A number of locals who regularly visit the piece of waste ground at Huay Ya to feed the stray animals had noticed a number of dogs disappearing. One said “At least one dog per day was going missing”.

Another claimed they had been approached by Cambodian workers offering to purchase dogs for food but they were met with angry responses and informed that the eating of dogs was illegal in Thailand.

dog dinner

Upset by the behaviour of the Cambodian workforce, the police were informed and were swiftly in attendance.

As the construction site is owned by the military, the police were powerless to enter the property to carry out a thorough investigation.

However those spoken to were warned that they were breaking the law and the eating of dogs would not be tolerated.


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