A woman from Canada was arrested late on Monday night for allegedly attempting to stealing nail polish and other products from a supermarket in Pattaya

Mina Sawed, 28, was detained by staff working in the Best Supermarket until police arrived and took her away at around 11pm.

Canadian woman arrested for "stealing" nail polish in Pattaya

Staff at the supermarket told officers that the woman allegedly attempted to shoplift five bottles of nail polish, glue for attaching fake nails and mascara.

Canadian woman arrested for "stealing" nail polish in Pattaya

They accused her of hiding the items in her handbag.

Staff said the woman was acting suspiciously and when she reached the checkout they asked her to show them the contents of her handbag.

They said foreign tourists frequently stole from the store so they keep a close eye on them.

Source : Thenation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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