Love Pattaya were saddened to learn of the passing of Pattaya’s restaurateur Richard Burk.

Richard who was 70, ran the Amor Restaurant in Boyztown for a number of years, died as the result of a heart attack. He had been suffering from high blood pressure and was a diabetic.

Mr. Burk was well known within the hotel and restaurant trade in Thailand, having spend many years owning or managing businesses.

In his retirement he continued to excel when he took on a role as a volunteer science teacher, where again he displayed a wonderful enthusiasm for the role.

The Brit worked at some well known establishments during his time in Thailand such as the Athena Restaurant where he was the general manager. He was the food and beverage manager at Palm Grove Resort to name but a few of his many management roles

Our thoughts are with Richard’s friends and family at this sad time.


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