Children In Need Helped By The Thai Garden Resort

A fundraising event to help children at the Tungklom-Talman School has been success story.

The Thai Garden Resort hosted the event and donated the proceedings from their “Toys For Joy” project to the school.

Fundraising occurred during Christmas and New Year, where guests at the hotel were encouraged to donate freely to the cause during their holidays.

Now in its ninth year, the “Toys For Joy” scheme has been a huge success and if it maintains the current rate of achievements, it is likely to be an annual occurrence for many years to come.

Kids from the school received a multitude of gifts including shoes, school supplies, toys and confectionery.

The school offers a stable upbringing for children who are orphan’s or from poor backgrounds. With the help of the Thai Garden Resort, many youngsters will see some form of benefit to their lives.

The hotel’s guests, staff and management raised 60,000 baht, which went towards the many gifts the kids received.


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