Chinese tourist arrested for stealing tour guides iPhone

Pattaya police have announced that they have arrested a 58-year-old Chinese tourist who stole an iPhone from a Thai tour guide.

Tour guide Ekkachai Sae-leu, 20, reported his phone stolen at Pattaya Police Station whilst on a trip to Koh Sak, it was his suspicion that it was taken by someone from another tour group.

Police then tracked the phone down using its GPS signal which led officers to a locker on Koh Larn and the subsequent arrest of Mr Lin Tong, 58.

Chinese tourist arrested for stealing tour guides iPhone

It was reported that Mr Tong attempted to tell officers that the phone was his but station chief Pol Col Apichai Krobpetch reviewed the evidence and charged the Chinese man with theft and receiving stolen goods.

Both Ekkachai and Mr Tong were filmed at Pattaya Police Station reviewing the cases evidence with the station chief before the charges were issued.

Source : Tnews

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