Three tourists from China narrate a false robbery story and blame the Thailand’s Tuk-Tuk drivers. Planning to blame Thailand and take the insurance money, the Chinese tourist on Saturday reported the tourist police hotline 1155 that they had been robbed by a Tuk-Tuk driver.

Three iPhones, 2 cameras and 45,000 baht in cash were robbed by the Tuk-Tuk driver, who was booked for dropping them to their hotel in the Saladaeng area, as told by the accusers.

Investigating the case, the deputy commissioner of the tourist police – known by the nick name Big Joke in the Thai media proved that they were falsely blaming the tuk-tuk driver and no such robbery had taken place.


The CCTV footage at the Central World from where the tourists were picked as reported by them, miss matched with their story.

Clearly visible the cctv footage showed no sign of the tourists getting in a Tuk-Tuk. They had hired a white Toyota Yaris from a private taxi company.


Even the hotels CCTV proved they were lying.

Kai Hay Cheuk, Chin Bor Wu and Tsz Kwan Chun finally admitted their crime and were committing an insurance fraud.

This case restored the image of the State internationally and also the good reputation of the Tuk-Tuk drivers, said Maj Gen Surachet.

Tuk-Tuk drivers showed their gratitude to the Major General.

Source : Dailynews

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