Chonburi man sells car on Facebook - then steals it back with a spare key

A 37 year old man from Chonburi has been charged with theft as he attempted to steal his car back with his spare key.

The man and his son sold the black Honda on Facebook for forty five thousand baht, with the rest being paid in instalments.

They even delivered the car for him, but later he found out they were only doing this kind gesture so they knew where the car was left.

It was days after purchasing the vehicle the buyer reported it was stolen when parked just outside his house in Chonburi.

Video footage was viewed by the police and they were able to find who and where the thieves lived.

His son has still not been found and arrested for his part that he played in stealing the car back.

It is important that you find out relevant information on the seller when purchasing items of Facebook when possible, as you may have to meet this person face to face, so make sure they are creditable.


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