City officials want cables tidied up along Sukhumvit Road

Officials here in Pattaya have had enough with the stalling of plans to tidy up cables along Sukhumvit Road and have instructed relevant agencies involved to get on with it.

A meeting was held on March 21 presided over by City Councilman Srivisut Rodarun with members of various telephone, cable TV and internet providers all in attendance who were told to all work together to get work underway to sort out the mess of cables, the area in question runs from the Ban Amphur intersection to Soi Chaiyapornwitee.

The councilman said the wires need sorting out and suggested once organized they be housed in plastic piping to keep the neat and protected.

City officials want cables tidied up along Sukhumvit Road

Though no budget no timeframe for the project was decided upon at the meeting it was said to be a giddy up to the various agencies to sort out the messy site they have created over recent years.

Work is also taking place at various sites all over the city by the Provincial Electricity Authority to relocate power cables below ground in an effort to further beautify the city.

Source : Pattayamail

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