Police had members of the Hells Angels motorcycle club firmly in their sights yesterday as a massive police operation descended upon five locations across Pattaya resulting in the arrest of eight members of the club.

Police said that all those arrested now possibly face being deported from the kingdom or even harsher punishments after officers allegedly found a cache of Knives, guns and ammunition.

Along with the weapons officers also took into evidence two cars which were seized during the raids at various housing estates.

The operation was conducted by tourist police tasked by the Thai government to remove wrongdoers posing as tourists.

The operation was led by Surachet Hakpan and officers from 191 special branch and drugs suppression unit aided the tourist police in carrying out the raids.

It was reported that three of the men arrested were Australian nationals and one was Canadian, the nationalities of the other four men have yet to be made public.

Police stated that the raids were carried out over links to money laundering, human trafficking and extortion and during the operation 9mm handguns, ammunition, knives and BB guns were recovered.

It was reported that the operation was titled “clipping the wings of the angles” (translated from Thai.)

Source: Dailynews

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