Pattaya officials confirm famous dolphins to be replaced by intersection

Sadly the famous dolphin roundabout in Pattaya’s time looks to be coming to an end as officials announce that it will be replaced with a four-way traffic light controlled intersection

Pattaya spokesman Pinit Maneerat confirmed the rumours that had been circulating that the dolphin roundabout is soon to be history.

Though lovers of the famous dolphin statue need not threat there are plans being put in place to rehome the famous statue somewhere else in the city.

Pattaya officials confirm famous dolphins to be replaced by intersection

The spokesman acknowledged the vast amount of public sentiment that has been shown for the landmark that has been in place for over 20 years but said it has become too much of a traffic bottleneck and needs to go.

Roundabouts in western countries are proven to be more efficient and safer than conventional intersections where studies have shown accidents reduced by up 75%, so why is the roundabout proving such a problem for Pattaya traffic?

Pattaya officials say that there are simply too many drivers now in Pattaya making the roundabout an ineffective option to control traffic flow.

A budget of 7.1 million baht has been approved to replace the famous dolphins with a four-way traffic light control intersection though a start date for the work has yet been announced.

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