Red Faces As Cops Find Nothing During Four Raids In Pattaya

Following numerous complaints from the public that an area in Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya, was being used as a centre for sex and drugs, police decided to take action.

However when the military and the cops arrived to bust what they believed was an illicit sex den, they were left with red faces, for they found no evidence of any illegal activity.

Acting on information received from the public, many of whom claimed the area was bad for tourism, the police were determined to raid the area and make arrests. But it appears someone had told locals about the bust.

When officers located the venue, the lights were off and there was not a soul in sight at the Nakata location behind the Esso filling station.

The officer in charge of the raid was military man Thatsanai Prathumthong, who had hoped to get off to a good start in his new role. But it was not to be. There were no prostitutes or teenage drug users to be seen.

 Red Faces As Cops Find Nothing During Four Raids In Pattaya

He said if necessary, he would return again and again till he caught the culprits. But if indeed there was any criminal activity going on here, they will have to be pretty dumb to return. They will find another venue to ply their business from.

Sadly for the authorities, it was a unsuccessful night as THREE earlier raids in karaoke and Go-Go bars had also been fruitless.

Licences, upstairs rooms and staff were all checked at the three venues but there was nothing illegal going on.

The authorities said someone had tipped the venues off and they were prepared for their arrival.

Source : Thaivisa

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