Could Pattaya Be Getting A Tram System

A meeting was held last week between the mayor of Pattaya, business leaders and local officials to discuss the future of transportation in Pattaya.

The meeting revolved around a tram system being developed in the city to ease traffic congestion.

Could Pattaya Be Getting A Tram System

The members of the meeting looked at similar light rail or tram projects that had been carried out in Udon Thani and Khon Kaen which were progressing well.

The representatives at the meeting believed a similar scheme could be adopted to be used in Pattaya without having to wait for government funding.

Looking to private investors a tram system in the city could provide cash flow and easy traffic problems.

Could Pattaya Be Getting A Tram System

Provisionally bus routes would be set up to get the public used to the routes before a tram would be operational.

Though no timescale for the proposed project was mentioned nor what routes the trams would take.

While the introduction of such a large scale public transportation system might be welcomed by some it is sure to get some strong opposition from the local Baht Bus and taxi bike operators who make a living in the city.

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