A video has been posted online to support claims that a foreigner in a pick-up truck is responsible for knocking a Thai motorcyclist off his bike in Pattaya.

The footage released by Pattaya News along with witness statements have apparently fallen on deaf ears from police investigating the incident.

The footage released shows the pick-up and the motorcycle which was on the inside of the pick-up colliding when the truck goes to turn into shops on Chaipornwithee Road in Pattaya.

The rider of the bike Surasak Sutham is sent flying and suffered injuries to his face.

The video released claims that officers investigating the incident did not use the CCTV footage as evidence with Surasak claiming they said “the flash drive could not be viewed.”

A witness who was not named said that the pick-up did not indicate that it was going to turn.

Surasak also claims that he attempted to arrange a meeting to sort out the matter with the foreign driver but they never showed up. Pattaya news in the video is calling for justice from the police involved.

There was no mention in the video however if Surasak might have been undertaking the pick-up.

What do you think after seeing the footage?

Source: PattayaNews

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


  1. What i ssupposded to be a motorbike’s position on the road. Once you have that cleared the fault is clear also. I think the motorcycle was in the wrong because what was he doing overtaking a car on the left side within the same lane? If one needs to overtake one does it on the free lane on the right side of another vehicle.

    • You´re right, and the video is cut so you don’t see, that he is probably overtaking the car on the wrong side, when it happens

  2. If the motorcycle driver was undertaking then it’s his fault regardless of any signals from the pickup driver. However, if the pickup driver overtook the motorcycle and cut him up then that would definitely be the fault of the pickup driver…… certainly not clear from this video.

  3. Motorbike is in the wrong undertaking,most Thais are not good drivers as the test they take is inadequate,they are terrible at judging gaps,and on motorbikes undertake and drive against flow of oncoming traffic.

  4. The biker had all the rights driving to the left of the car. If the car driver decides to turn left he should signal the intention AND check whether the the way is clear. Both were visibly not done. This reflects my opinions

  5. Guess it depends on where you come from and what driving standards you adhere to….undertaking is very common & popular here but is illegal and dangerous elsewhere (and whether or not you are indicating is not the main issue)

  6. Both at fault. But the major fault lies with the truck, it didn’t seem to be indicating AND the driver didn’t seem to use his mirror.. saying that the motorcycle should ALSO have been going slower, the video starting like that suggests he was going fast and the riders reaction time is slow.

  7. Both are wrong
    1- motor bike shouldn’t tried to overtake from left
    2- pickup truck driver should view the left mirror while making a left turn (its a common sense)

  8. It’s clear the bike was speeding n undertaking the truck.not clear if road is 2 or 4 lanes. If it’s 2..undertaking is illegal according to Thai law

  9. Motorcycle overtaking car on the inside, a dangerous place to be. With a vehicle slowing down ahead, the motorcycle should do same when in same lane, and then pass on center lane. I can not tell if truck signal, but even if he did the motorcycle already was passing improperly and probably would not see anyways.


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