Daily News reported that the daughter of the Thai/Australian couple who have mysteriously gone missing from their property in Muang District of Phrae would be arriving in Thailand last night.
Phra That Chorhae police are baffled by the disappearance of Nott Suddaen and Alan Hawk (name transliterated from Thai). They are both aged 61.
They have been living in the area on a large property of dozens of rai for many decades.
Bloodstains that looked like someone had tried to clear up were found in a garage and the couple’s white Ford pick-up registration number กต (gor tor) 3181 (Phrae) has gone missing.
There were no signs of a struggle in the house. A phone was left on charge.
A backhoe was found on the property near some freshly dug earth but a search there revealed nothing.
An elder brother of the Thai wife has been interviewed after claims of arguments in the past but he has denied any knowledge of what has happened to the couple.
A close friend of the family said that they had an appointment with the couple in Chiang Mai and it was most unusual when they failed to be able to contact them through telephone and the LINE application.
So they visited then alerted the police.
They then contacted the couple’s daughter who lives in the UK to urgently come back to Thailand.
Investigations continue.
Source : thaivisa


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