Destruction of high class hotel - South Pattaya

Thirteen story hotel to be demolished because of illegal extension from seven to 13 floors.

The case had been ongoing for months but was finally accepted and will be sanctioned as soon as possible.

Construction workers will start dismantling the hotel which is owned by Jomtien Holiday Group, it is estimated to take six months to be fully removed and cost just under three million baht.

This may not be the only one to be demolished as a building next to the hotel has also illegally extended from 5 to 7 floors.

Many properties that have been built are completed illegally as building inspection documents never get retrieved. The City Hall has failed to enforce the law as strictly as auditors would of hoped for.

Buildings are being built with fire safety regulations not in mind, aswell as basic smoking signs and fire exits.

It is expected that more buildings will be in a similar position that have illegally extended, as the law will take action on owners who don’t hand in building documents.


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