Banglamung’s District Chief Naris Niramaiwong, has held a news conference, where he defended recent raids on bars and clubs in Pattaya, saying he was following the instructions of the military government.

The raids have come under criticism, having angered many local people including expats, Thais, the bar owners and their staff.

District Chief Defends Raids On Pattaya's Entertainment Venues

The government has aspirations to turn the city into a family holiday venue but many believe they are moving too fast and not giving businesses a chance to adapt.

Others complained that the negative news deriving from the raids is bad for tourism.

The chief informed reporters that he is acting under orders of the government to clean up the city, to put an end to human trafficking, crime, prostitution, drugs and guns.

However, most citizens of Pattaya want the likes of Walking Street and the many other areas, which have scores of bars and clubs, employing thousands of girls, to be left in peace to go about their business.

District Chief Defends Raids On Pattaya's Entertainment Venues

Allegations that raids were only taking place on venues that are not paying for police protection, were denied by Mr. Niramaiwong. He went further, insisting that police or any other authority, did not receive payments of any kind for protection from the law.

And he confirmed that the raids will continue.

Whilst most people would agree that human trafficking, crime, guns and drugs should all be dealt a heavy blow, consideration must be given to the 27,000 girls who work in this city, especially in the bars and clubs. The move to rid Pattaya of its “sin city” tag, cannot happen overnight. It has to be properly managed over a decade at least or many girls will be forced into other areas of crime just to feed themselves.

What happened to the “zoning” plans that were touted around not so long ago, providing areas, where the nightlife and entertainment venues could be run on a business as usual basis?

Tell us your thoughts?

Are the authorities going too far?

Should they continue their crackdowns or should they endorse what Pattaya offers the tourist in the form of entertainment?

Source : Pattayamail

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