Bang Lamung district chief Naris Niramaiwong and his raiding team had Pattaya’s Walking Street in their sights on Wednesday night as they checked multiple Go-Go bars for weapons, drugs and human trafficking.

A photo surfaced online of the operation which left many wondering if one of the party was carrying a machine gun. The main purpose of the operation was to place warning stickers outside various entertainment venues.

District chief Naris has been targeting illegal gambling dens and human trafficking in the area all year with mixed success.
A total of ten bars were inspected on Wednesday night, where workers were made to show their ID’s and take a urine test for drug use.

From the ten venues only seven women were unable to produce ID and no drug use or drugs were found.
Stickers were placed outside of the bars that stated the venues were free from drugs and weapons and also carried a message about stopping human trafficking.

Authorities have stepped up their campaigns to end human trafficking after the US urged Thai authorities to get tougher on the illegal trade.

Currently the penalty for human trafficking is a fine of up to 1.2 million baht and 12 years in prison.

Naris said that the operation into Walking Street was a successful one however no mention was made to what was hanging around one of the raiding party’s necks.


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