Nasan the poodle traded in his cap for a helmet when Sawang traded in his bicycle for a motorbike with sidecar and trailer

A Sattahip man, who quit his job to take care of scores of dogs, has added to his fame as he takes canines on his regular runs for dog food on his motorbike.

Now most of us have witnessed “man’s best friend” on a motorbike before, whether its a small one in a basket or a large dog riding on the back of the machine, it is not uncommon in Thailand.

But Sawang Poltamai, 61, has taken things a step further – he has managed to get his hounds to wear “Crash Helmets”.

Sawang caters for over 50 strays but when out on the bike, he always ensures they are donning the correct head gear.

It all began back in 2015 with a bicycle and trailer, where a poodle called “Nasan” was often seen wearing a hat sitting behind a fake steering wheel. But when the bike was upgraded to a motorbike, Nasan’s headwear was improved too.

Sawang is hoping to lead by example and encourage other riders to wear head protection.

Can he succeed where the police and the law have failed?


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