As we previously reported two Russian teenagers Daniel Mokshantsev aged 16 & his 14 younger sister Katerina were seriously injured in Pattaya on February 23rd after being hit by a bus as they were crossing a busy intersection on their motorbike.


The police report supported by a CCTV recording indicated the bus was running a red light which gave the teenagers no chance of escaping injury.

The Thai crowd-sourcing website Weeboon says that as of today 204,974 Baht has been raised in the last 14 days with 143 people generously donating money. The overall aim of Weeboon is to raise one million Baht to help the plight of these poor injured teenagers.

Russian Kids out of Coma, but fund-raising drive must continue

The children are recovering slowly but the family still needs a lot of love, prayers & public support to cover the expensive rehabilitation costs. So far insurance has paid 330,000 Baht per child to the hospital but sadly the travel company who owns the bus has paid nothing at all.

Both children initially were in a coma but now Daniel is awake and improving even though it is very hard for him to move. A report on Monday said he is responding well to treatment. Katerina however is unable to respond to simple commands even though she is physically strong and can move around. She has been moved into a ward and Daniel will be moved next week providing he continues to improve.

This is the Bus that hit the 2 Russian Kids on motorcycle that was hit by a tour bus carrying Chinese tourists back to the resort from Nong Nooch gardens.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Thailand Archimandrite Oleg released a statement yesterday after his visit to the hospital. “It is by God’s will Daniel emerged from a coma yesterday however he is traumatised and still has a long road ahead before his health is normal again.

Daniel now recognises people around him and reacts when spoken to. He tries to talk and makes gestures with his hands.

Archimandrite Oleg added Katerina’s situation is not so clear cut, since coming out of the coma she is still too traumatized to communicate. She is very restless and does not respond to visitors and does not recognise anybody. Pain & fear is written all over her face & sadly doctors are unable to make a forecast about her recovery, but they do believe that with proper treatment and care she can recover.

Weeboon reported earlier this week that in the first few days hundreds of donors in Thailand and overseas responded to the call for help. They said never in history have funds been raised so fast by total strangers demonstrating solidarity and generosity.
More help however is badly needed to help cover the operation and rehabilitation costs as the parents already deeply affected by the situation cannot afford the expensive fees.

Please give help if you can.

Click this Link If you Want to DONATE Money for the Russian Kids

VIDEO : Russian Kids Hit By Bus in Pattaya

UPDATE : Danil & Katya Woke Up


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