People traveling out and about in Pattaya on Friday (November 10) if you have somewhere important to be it’s probably best to add a little extra time to your journey or avoid Sukhumvit altogether as the Pattaya tunnel will be closing temporarily.

In an announcement made on the PRPattaya Facebook page apparently the tunnel will be closed from 10am until 1pm in order for workers from the Provincial Electricity authority to install two electricity meters in the tunnel.

Don't get caught out, Pattaya tunnel closing temporarily on Nov 10

To carry out the works power to the tunnel will have to be shut off which means the extractor fans and other safety devices will not be operational leading to the decision to close the tunnel while the works are carried out.

Although the work is only estimated to take a couple of hours it’s probably best to avoid planning on using the tunnel at all on Friday given the track record around deadlines with the Pattaya tunnel.

Source: Facebook PRPATTAYA

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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