Don’t sprinkle this on your cornflakes!

A milk shop in Pattaya has been raided and the owner arrested for selling ketamine powder!

Also a young man, the owner of a tattoo shop nearby, has been taken into custody and drug tested.

The raid took place during the early hours of Tuesday 21st July 2015. The Show Nom shop usually sells bread and milk products, but when officers were informed of the illegal selling of ketamine powder they conducted a full search of the store.

They actually caught a man identified as Supakit Chumpoo red handed putting liquid ketamine in a microwave to convert into a powdered form to sell.

Police discovered 4 packs of powdered ketamine, 11 bottles of liquid ketamine, around 100 empty bottles, one ketamine pill and around 7,000 Baht in cash.

Mr. Chumpoo told the police he had purchased the liquid ketamine from a guy in a local pub in South Pattaya. He went on to say that he inhales ketamine powder before going to the local pub because it makes him feel good. He is now being held in police custody pending further action.

The same officers later raided Time Line tattoo shop, but found no drugs there. They went on to question the 19 year old owner, Wiyakorn Sirikham, and tested him for drug use.

The raids were a result of both shop owners being reported for selling ketamine. It is rather concerning as the shops are very popular with young, impressionable people.

Bang La Mung District Chief, Pornsit Jitramwong, who led the raid stated that ketamine in this form is popular among pub goers. He warned that the drug has very serious side effects including causing irregular heartbeat, hallucinations, high blood pressure and loss of control.


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