Drugs Party Raided In Pattaya

The Cliff Pool Club was raided by soldiers and police on June 1st after reports were made to the police of people taking drugs at the venue.

Arriving at the club at 11pm officers and soldiers quickly shut down the party and blocked all the entrances to stop any of the 500 partygoers from leaving.

Drugs Party Raided In Pattaya

All the guests were then checked for identification before being tested for drug use.

Of the roughly 500 guests, 150 of them tested positive for drug use, 90 of which were young males.

Police found drugs both on peoples person and packets and other containers which had been thrown to the floor totalling 63 bags of Ketamine weighing 80.31 grams, 80 ecstasy tablets and 90 “happy 5” pills.

Drugs Party Raided In Pattaya

As a result of the raid and all the evidence gathered police are looking into 4 aspects of the case further.

The premises did not have the proper license in place, Allowing the sale of drugs, allowing underage guests into the event and illegal sale of alcohol on the premises.

The Party’s organisers “DJ Ball” Poynork, and Jirapong Promkhram who identified themselves as the property’s guardians will now face charges relating to the alleged drugs party.

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