drunk boat captain

Drunk Boat Captain parks tourist boat on Pattaya Beach!

At around midnight on the 19th July 2015 police arrived on Pattaya beach to find a large double decker tourist boat ran aground and parked in the sand with lights on and engines running!

Apparently it had been there like this since about 8 p.m. Eye witnesses had become concerned as no one had got off the boat and the engines had been running for four hours, so someone eventually called the police.

drunk boat captain 

When police arrived at the scene and boarded the vessel they found a very drunk man in his forties pacing up and down, who started shouting abuse at the officers. It turned out he was the captain!

The skipper finally calmed down and agreed to accompany officers to the Beach Road Soi 9 Police Station.

Initial reports made on the 20th July suggest that no charges were brought against the man, it is likely he was allowed to sleep off his intoxication and simply got off with a slapped wrist!


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