piss morons

Songkran is a time for celebration, a time for rejoicing and escaping the hardship of daily life for many Thai people. Generally speaking, the residents of the Kingdom, enjoy the party atmosphere.

That is unless you are in the Liap Chai Fung Bridge area of Chonburi.

Reports and pictures have been posted on social media depicting youths, pretending to be Songkran revellers, throwing bags of urine and faeces at passing motorcyclists.

It is claimed that some bags contained rotten eggs, fish sauce and motor oil.

The appalling behaviour occurred on Wednesday evening and may have been responsible for two car accidents.

Police are doing their best to identify and locate those responsible and asked for the assistance of the public, especially those who may have seen the images or were present during the fiasco.


Ten youths have been arrested in connection with the above story.

Police from Muang district caught up on the culprits who face a variety of charges.

They decided not to fine the youths, instead preferring to send them for trial.


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