Fair to mark “World Ganja Day” to be held in Thailand without drugs

The laem Chabang police yesterday were petitioned by two members of the online organization “Ganjachon” for permission to hold a fair in April to mark World Ganja Day.

Aaron Everley, 32, and Chorkhwan Chorphaka, 33, said that the fair would attract as many as 3,000 people to the area but assured the station chief no drugs would be taken, possessed or sold at the fair.

The “Fifth Thailand Ganjachon” gathering will be held on the 20th of April close to the Laem Chabang airport station.

Many people commented online that the fair is just an excuse for people to get together and smoke drugs.

The Ganjachon members stated that people will attend the fair from all over the world to learn about growing the plants and learn about the current Thai laws covering all aspects of the practice, they said the fair would comply completely with all Thai laws.

They said seed experts from Amsterdam some of the best in the world would be in attendance to pass on their knowledge.

Experts from Denmark are also scheduled to appear to provide information on the field of medical marijuana.

It was also reported there will be musical entertainment provided by DJ’s and Rappers.

Security will be provided to ensure no illegal drugs are brought into the fair or taken.

Station Chief Pol Col Khamhaeng said officers will be on site and patrolling the area on the day of the fair to make sure everything is as the Ganjachon members have stated.

The online group has roughly 350,000 members so a large turnout at the fair is expected.


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