Fake Pet Medications Found In Raids

Do you have a pet? A dog or maybe a cat? How would you feel if you discovered that you been treating it with fake medicines for ailments it may have suffered?

That is what has been going on for ten years in a Pattaya animal care shops.

And worse – many of the ingested products are thought reduce the lifespan of your beloved pet!

Police raided a number of shops that they believed to be at the centre of the scam, taking away medications and creams for testing.

Many of the fakes are shampoos and pet treats.

Fake Pet Medications Found In Raids

Police also investigated the books of the the shops in question and discovered they had very healthy bank balances, which could be due to the higher profit margin, as they sell their fakes at the same prices as the genuine articles.
Owners of the businesses were taken away for questioning and are likely to be charged.

Unfortunately, no business names were provided in the report but it is safe to say, pet owners should be vigilant when purchasing medication for their pets.

Source : Pattayaone

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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