A female tourist was injured yesterday after reportedly being attacked by several monkeys while at Khao Sam Mook in the Chonburi Province.

Rescue workers from the Trikunaham charity foundation were quickly on the scene and rushed the unidentified woman to the closest hospital after she suffered several bites and scratches.

A witness to the incident, a janitor cleaning the Chinese shrine at the view point said that the tourist appeared drunk. The Janitor noted that the woman walked over to the monkeys and acted as if she was intentionally trying to bother them.

He said the woman attempted to pick up a baby monkey from the group before being attacked. Luckily for the woman several people were in the vicinity and helped drive the monkey away from the injured woman.

The Janitor advised the public not to attempt to feed the monkeys by hand or pick them up as they are prone to biting.

Source: ThaiPbs

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


  1. Thailand is getting worse say goodbye to tourist pattaya I already stop coming after 15 years where’s the cash coming from when you done this big clean up take a good look at what really does need changing and maybe your get it right .


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