According to reports it was a brand new electrical transformer that had only been in place for one day that exploded causing a large fire on Pattaya’s famous Walking Street on Saturday night which resulted in several properties being damaged as well as up to 17 motorcycles and injured two people.

Electrical authorities were out in numbers yesterday to survey the damage caused by the fire which took place on Soi 16 behind the Marine Hotel.

Currently it is not clear what caused the transformer to explode but an investigation committee has been established to look into the matter.

 Fire on Walking Street causes 10-million-baht's worth of damage

Yesterday the head of the provincial electrical authority Chief Chartchai Phumrin accompanied other members of local electrical authorities to survey the scene, it is estimated that the fire has caused 10 million baht’s worth of damage.

Fire on Walking Street causes 10-million-baht's worth of damage

Over 50 electrical workers joined forces with cable TV and internet providers to replace the damaged transformer and return services to people and businesses in the area, workers expected to have power back on by early evening yesterday.

The blaze resulted in two injuries with one tourist being taken to hospital for treatment on burns sustained while one Thai local was also hospitalized for smoke inhalation.

Fire on Walking Street causes 10-million-baht's worth of damage

The two bars which were badly damaged were Titanic and the Ann-Ann bar before firefighters were able to put out the blaze which according to witnesses took about 30 minutes for firefighters to do so.

Yesterday many tourists were visiting the site of the fire to pose for pictures after videos of the incident have been widely shared on social media since Saturday night.

Source: Daily News

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