The Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2019 is taking place on May 24-25, with pyrotechnicians from five countries taking turns to light up the sky over the popular beach resort.

On the first night, starting from 8pm, there will be a firecracker extravaganza by teams from Thailand, Russia, China and the US, respectively. On the second night, the first firework show will be presented by a team from Britain, followed by Russia, the US and China. Meanwhile, on the ground level, the festivity, which will take place in Central Pattaya, will feature concerts, parades and various forms of entertainment.

For those who prefer to skip the celebration on the beachside for privacy, many hotels, especially those in high-rises, offer rooms and rooftop areas where you can enjoy the night sky illumination. If you haven’t begun your room hunt, you had better do it now.

For details, search for “prpattaya” in Facebook and other social media or call Pattaya Contact Centre on 1337.


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