Songkran pattaya

A vivid multicoloured decorated elephant has been spraying locals and tourists with water in the ancient capital of Siam, Ayutthaya.

Tourists claimed the experience was “amazing”.

One British man, a Mr. David Gray, said “You get in a tuk tuk and have a water find with an elephant.”

Well the good news for the likes of David and millions of others is that the Songkran festivities are less that 24 hours away.

In Ayutthaya and other areas of Thailand, you can enjoy two days of water fights but if you want more, you need to visit Pattaya, where the celebrations run for five days.

Usually referred to as “The World’s Biggest Water Fight”, Songkran is an experience that every tourist has to explore, with or without the aforementioned elephant.

No one is safe from the water throwing antics of the sexy Thai ladies standing outside every bar, with large barrels of water and a device to propel that water over unsuspecting passers by. Often it will be warm water then suddenly, ice cold wetness appears from nowhere, sending shivers down your spine.

Of course in Pattaya, every other building is a bar in many of the streets and you can expect to be drenched, irrespective of which direction you turn.

The good news is, you can pop into a bar, have a beer and be dry in minutes, ready to do it all over again.

The sales people will be out in force trading their wares including water pistols and bags to keep your phone and wallet dry. At the very least, get a waterproof offering to keep your valuables free from water damage.

This is a spectacle not to be missed by tourists. Don’t just be a bystander – get involved. Enjoy the madness of the celebrations.

It is believed that the water will wash away bad luck and bring prosperity. What have you got to lose?


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