After one hour of rain the soi was completely flooded.

This was no April Fool’s joke for residents and business owners in Pattaya as heavy rain resulted in flooding in a number of areas around the city, in particular the Naklua area.

One road, Wat Nong Yai Moo 6, had to be blocked off as vehicles were unable to traverse through the street due to the high water level.

One resident, a Mr. Sompong Puangmalai said flooding was normal following heavy rain and it often took a few hours for the flow of water to disperse, once the rains had ceased.

A local vendor struggles in the knee-high flood waters

One possible cause of the floods is trash being washed into the drains causing blockages.

Long suffering residents would love to see a permanent solution to the drainage problems but so far, several plans have failed to reduce the deluge of water gathering in the streets following heavy downpours.


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