An elderly woman, residing in Pattaya has been allegedly attacked by a foreigner this morning.

On the arrival of police, the unidentified foreigner started foul mouthing the locals who had come to rescue the Thai woman.

‘Auntie Tid’, the 65-years old victim reported that the unknown outsider all of a sudden turned up at her residence and started chasing her with a stick. In the course, he also managed to headlock her. Despite not allowing him to enter her home, the outraged foreigner trespassed through her fence, as reported.


Rescued by another Thai man, as you can see in the video, the rescuer chased away the assailant, who is now under police custody. On being interrogated, he said that he had come to Thailand to become a monk and has been ordered to live in Ayutthaya, where he has been living for the past six months as a monk. On further interrogation as to whether he has been under any influence of alcohol, to which he has completely denied.

At present, the assailant has been detained by the Thai police and the victim has been asked to lodge a complaint.

Source : Coconuts Bangkok

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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