Police Lieutenant General Sompong from the Immigration Police and other officials reported 3 important cases that took place this week involving charges of an arrest warrant issued in the USA, a foreigner selling drugs in Thailand, and a ladyboy gang robbing foreign men in Pattaya.

The first case took place on the 7th of this month (7 June 2019), when the investigation police arrested Demon Vineeni Jobin 24 years old. Demon had run away from an arrest warrant in the USA on charges of drug dealing in the USA. Demon had traveled into Thailand through the Immigration at Suvarnabhumi Airport on 12 February 2019.

Demon had used a Passport belonging to Dylan Robert Peck. The police discovered Demon hiding in Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok City. After the arrest, Demon will be prosecuted by law accordingly and departed back to his country.

Foreigner Caught Selling Drugs And Lady Boy Theft Gang Arrested

The 2nd case is the arrest of Danny Denise L. Van Der Vreken 57-year-old from Belgium. The police have received information that Danny had been selling drugs in Chonburi including Pattaya City. They tracked Danny down and discovered him in a home located in Banglamung District, Chonburi Province.

In order to catch Danny red-handed, the police set up a sting operation. Danny believed that he was going to meet a buyer who was going to purchase a bag of cocaine from him. The police discovered 2 bags of cocaine as evidence, 1 was from the sting operation and the other bag was discovered in Danny’s home in Banglamung.

During the same period of time that Danny’s case was being carried out. The police were able to arrest a ladyboy theft gang. 2 Indian tourists had come in and reported that they were robbed by 3 ladyboys in Pattaya. The 2 men were approached by the ladyboys who offered them sexual services in exchange for money.

Foreigner Caught Selling Drugs And Lady Boy Theft Gang Arrested
Foreigner Caught Selling Drugs And Lady Boy Theft Gang Arrested

The ladyboys hugged the men when they approached them, both men weren’t interested in their services. After the ladyboys went away, the 2 tourists realized that a necklace worth 18,000 THB and 1,1000 THB cash had disappeared. The investigation police discovered that the 3 girls were Darun known as Benz 34 years old, Wichai known as Rose 24 years old, Vinai known as Wan 32 years old.

The Pattaya Court issued an arrest warrant for all 3 girls under theft charges. The girls were arrested by the police together in their home, they will be prosecuted according to the applicable law.


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