It has not been a good week on the roads in Pattaya this week after another large accident was reported to have happened on Sukhumvit Road close to Soi 7 yesterday which has left four people injured, one of which is still in a critical condition.

The accident was apparently caused by smoke from roadside rubbish being burnt obscuring the vision of Phum Phim, 63, who was driving a Mazda pick-up which slammed into a Mitsubishi turning onto the road.

The impact then resulted in several other collisions with other vehicles and Wandee Sutklang, 39, who was standing by the roadside.

Medical personnel rushed to the scene and provided emergency medical treatment before rushing her to Banglamung Hospital, Phum was also taken to the same hospital.

Police investigating the accident say their investigation is still ongoing and will interview all parties involved before issuing any charges.

Source: We Love Pattaya

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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