Following the handing out of new beach equipment a representative of the Pattaya administration has dismissed recent criticism.

Following reports that since receiving the new equipment some operators had increased prices as much as 100 percent he simply said it is up to them what they charge, the states not going to meddle with that.

Speaking during an interview with Manager Phaphornan Leuangphanuwat used a lot of buzz words to describe Pattaya’s beaches.

Some of our favourites being “beautification of Pattaya beaches,” “international standard” and “pleasing to the eye.”

However the subject of tourists toppling of the new chairs or being burnt by the sun absorbent cushions seemed not to go down well with Phaphornan simply saying operators got the equipment for free.

When the subject of pricing was approached stating that some operators had increased their prices from 40 baht to as much as 100 baht in some cases he said “it’s not the states job to determine prices that is up to each individual.”

What do you think about the new equipment? Is it an improvement over how things were before?

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  1. The fact they have sunbeds instead of 100 year old design deck chairs is in itself a step forward ….these particular plastic models will be done before the end of the season ….it baffles me why everybody has to be the same …is it the law or something ?

  2. It’s about time they had proper sun loungers on the beach. I will not mind paying a little more for the comfort. I think they should allow a little more space for the beach vendors because they probably will take up more room than the chairs. People don’t like being squeezed together. It puts people off. That will mean they will get less earnings if some people are put off with the higher prices. I am a regular visitor to Pattaya and the many friends I meet there agree with me and my husband that it is a big improvement.

  3. My opinion is the new chairs are a great improvement however there are concerns about the longevity of the cheap plastic. A bigger concern is how many of these new fancy chairs will be empty when the new alcohol ban kicks in?? I for one will not be utilising this service anymore when the ban starts!!

  4. every part of being a beach vendor is regulated from the uniforms, size of plot, chairs, umbrellas, hours of operation. However, the price is not regulated?


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