German Man Facing Amputation of Foot Needs Help

A Pattaya man who was diagnosed with diabetes is facing amputation of a foot after infection set in to a simple cut.

Mr. Gas, real name Gerhard Lehn, has no one to care for him. Currently, police nurse known as Rose tends to his needs as all attempts by her to contact family or gain help from friends have failed.

Rose provides him with daily medicine and treatment at her own expense, which so far has been over 200,000 baht, since January 2016.

Mr, Gas is too weak to travel back to Germany and despite numerous attempts to involved the German Embassy, no one has come forward to assist, according to Rose.

In desperation, Rose has set up a fund raising page to help pay for the stricken man’s medication and treatment, in the hope that the expat community will step forward and help.

If you wish to assist please see the link below.

Warning! The page contains a graphic image of Mr. Gas’ infected foot.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


  1. What type of diabetes does he have. Can the infection not be treated. I had a type 3B foot ulcer which is serious and this was infected. But after treatment and medication it has healed.


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