LovePattayaThailand – Kobkarn Watanavarangul, Tourism and Sports Minister, informed the Thai media that she plans to turn Pattaya into a hub for sports tourism, eradicating the city of its “Sin City” reputation.

The minister has claimed previously in July that she intended to wipe out the sex trade in Thailand and claims “Sports Tourism” is the way forward.

Hoping to visit Pattaya in March 2017, she said “you only have to look at world class sporting events like the Jetski World Cup to see that. The ministry needs to get the word out to foreigners interested in sports and they will come flocking.”

The statement follows recent reports in foreign newspapers that Pattaya was home to 27,000 prostitutes and was notorious for its high crime rate.

The minister suggests that Pattaya should have dedicated zones for the service and entertainment industry, accepting that every major city in the world offers this amenity. However the key is restricting it to certain areas of the city.

She continued “In Thailand it is often visible from the side of the road for everyone to see.”

The ministry is committed to improving the image of Pattaya and Chonburin in general, promoting sports tourism, believing this is the best way to take the city forward.

The belief is that by informing foreign tourists about the many popular sporting events in the province, tourist will flock to Pattaya and promotion is vital to the success of the plan

Kobkarn mentioned the Jetski World Cup and the Bang Saen Triathlon as key examples of excellent sporting occasions that Thailand should be promoting.


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