Grab Car Now Includes New Features

The popular Grab Car app has come along way since its inauguration, adding more features with almost every release.

The most recent addition is the introduction of an “extra stop” function, this permits you to inform the app that you have friends with you, who are being dropped off as part of your journey so the app can calculate the fair.

One of the problems that drivers encounter is arriving to pick up passengers with a set fare but then they discover there is another stop to be made, which may not be part of the route, adding a further cost and possible disagreements about fares.

Grab Car is an excellent means of getting around the city of Pattaya. It encompasses Grab Taxi too but more often than not, the taxi drivers do not respond to the bookings. However Grab Car drivers are always happy to pick up customers and they are half the price of the taxi. In fact if you have more than one passenger, they are cheaper than a motorbike for Two and of course safer.

The app, now gives the person the opportunity to give pick up and destination, include notes for the driver, add two stops, pay by card, enter promotional codes and both the driver and the passenger can call each other if further details are required.

A map displays your cars position and gives details of the car’s make and model along with registration number.

on top of all this, it provides you with the fare before you even book the hire, meaning their is no rip off drivers to contend with.

Drivers will permit a five minute waiting time but after that they can add 20 baht for every additional five minutes, which is only fair.

Tips are not included but as most of the drivers are respectful, speak good English and are courteous, it is always nice to tip them.

Give the App a try. It is available for most phones.

Source : Coconuts

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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